The Bad Of Puppy Mills

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The Bad of Puppy mills On average 3 million dogs are killed or die from the elements of starvation in puppy mills (11 Facts About Puppy Mills 1). There are about 10,000 licensed and unlicensed puppy mills in the U.S (ASPCA 1). From those 10,000 mills about 2.11 million dogs are sold at pet stores (11 Facts About Puppy Mills 1). They are able to produce so many dogs because there can be 1 to 1,0000 breeding dogs in a facility not counting the puppies or litters (ASPCA 1). Also, 100% of pet store dogs are all from puppy mills. To conclude, Puppy mills are harmful to animals and they should be shut down/made illegal. Dogs in puppy mills are brutally abused and killed and they have no ability to defend themselves. In a report filed by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) it says that female dogs are bred twice a year and when they can no longer produce puppies they are left to die or to be killed (PETA 1). Also, puppy mill workers don 't care about the animals as described in an article written by the Animal Rescue Corps (ARC) where it says that collars are put on so tight that after a couple months they become embedded in the animal 's fur so badly that they have to cut around the fur simply to unlatch the collars from the dogs (ARC 1). Workers at puppy mills have argued about how people say that they are mean and abuse the animals they say that puppy mills believe in euthanizing (a way to kill a animal or human painlessly and quickly) the dogs. They also

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