The Bad Side Of Being Famous Analysis

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The Bad Side of Being Famous Imagine someone in their home minding their own business and someone else records them walking in their underwear. Instead of deleting the video the person uploads it to YouTube for millions to see. For the person in the underwear that would mean that they would get publicly humiliated, and there’s no telling who could’ve seen that video. This is what Jessica Bennett is trying to get across to readers that sure some people would enjoy the same but there are some people that don’t want to be famous, especially if it’s because they’ve been humiliated. In this day and age almost everyone has a phone and that phone most likely has connection to the internet. It’s due to that fact that just about anything a person can do could be on the internet at any given moment. According to (Bennett PG 597) “already dozens of websites exist solely to help those who would shame others.” There are websites out there for shaming just about anything actually. For example, they have a site for: ex-lovers, bad tippers, lousy drivers, and images of public bad behavior. Bennett also says that such sites can be beneficial to someone or the complete opposite and make life a nightmare. The internet may be a great resource for some but it can ruin lives in a heartbeat. Like professor Daniel Solove of George Washington…show more content…
The Romans punished people by branding them, cutting off their fingers, clamped to stocks in the public square, and all sorts of horrible things in order to get their point across. While in the present our methods are not as severe we still continue to shame those that we feel deserved it. Bennett said “More recently a U.S. judge forced a mail thief to wear a sign announcing his crime outside a San Francisco post office.” The thief was shamed by having to stand in front of the post office with a sign that said he stole the
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