The Baghdad 's Economy : A Weak Erosion Of The City

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The Baghdad’s economy has been becoming a weakness and has been many challenging after 2003. The generality of ministries, government organization, industrialization, finance, trading, commerce, and companies are concentrated in and around Baghdad. Most of the manufacturing is situated in the Baghdad city. Almost centralization of economic activities located in Baghdad city, which both control and monopolizes on the national economic sector. Violence has been contributed to the steady erosion of the city’s economic base beginning in 2003. In Fortin’s view, “After 2003, about 29% of the residents in Baghdad city have been lived under the poverty line. Baghdad’s major difficulty is that crude and natural resources revenues cannot be easily translated interested in development and sustainability. As a result of a reason of corruption, political wrangling and a lack of safety. The Baghdad city basically has weakness of economic sector due to the capital of investment has been disappearing because graft, waste or institutional inefficiencies and unable to invest successfully”.(Fortin). Inhabitants of Baghdad city face a salvo of sufferings, with nonstop pressures to community security, changeable disturbance to energy, lack of elementary services and facilities, extensive governmental hesitation, and stark employment unpredictability. The crime was amid the highest four difficulties to investment and economic activities, sideways with deprived access to economics,
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