The Baha ' I Faith

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The Baha’i faith is a modern day cornerstone of equality and religious acceptance. They believe that all other religions are valid and preach religious acceptance. They strongly believe that if wars are fought over religion it’s better to be without religion as a whole. Religion is intended to unite humanity. The temples are places for prayer and reflection, which allows the individual to make a personal connection to god without the need to connect through clergy or a priest. They also maintain that women are to be viewed as equals in every respect to men.

There is no specific clergy in the Baha’i faith. They don’t believe that you need a middle man to attain a connection with god. There are many faiths in the world that have the need for a priest or other church clergy that you must speak with in order to practice the religion. The 7 temples that are currently opened worldwide are all of similar constructions. Each temple has 9 sides and the number 9 is associated with perfection. The prayer services are just that, prayer. When you attend a service there are no other messages given then that of prayer. These services are not led by clergy. They are led by followers of the Baha’i faith that volunteer to lead a prayer service. There is no talking allowed in the temple because the temple is a place of prayer and reflection. In addition, on certain Sundays they have prayer services with the addition of a choir to sing or chant songs. The choir sings 3

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