The Bahamas And The United States Of America

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The Bahamas being from the Caribbean islands has a strict government and law enforcement along with their corrections system. Besides them having a different type of government they still have certain features that can be compared to the United States of America. Not all rights are being guaranteed to everyone the way they should be. The Bahamas has stronger regulations on certain things that other countries do not have. They respect the right of foreign people when they are arrested. They join another country to better the conditions of those in prison. Both the Bahamas, and the United States of America are trying to fight against a big problem that is currently happening. Besides it being a different country there are similarities with it, and perhaps even offer suggestions to improve their systems. Every country should have the goal to serve and protect their people, as well as to provide them the same law equality as everyone else.
The Bahamas is a Caribbean island that its populations is 396,980 people the capital of this country is Nassau. The Bahamas principle language is English. Their criminal justice system has been based on English common law since 1964. They are also based on executive, legislative, and judicial branch (over view of the Bahamas). Their constitution gives more rights to the men than they do to women. The women get less rights for example, in a will the men will get the right to have everything over a women (comparative criminology).
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