The Bahamian Eating Habit

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Bahamian Eating Habits: Healthy [pic] Vs. Unhealthy [pic] Presented By: Italia Douglas Student Number: 000-04-8030 Course: Nutrition 100-4 Date: Wednesday 17th, October 2012. Table of Contents 1. Introduction 3 2. Healthy Eating Habits 4 3. Unhealthy Eating Habits 4. Conclusion 5. References Introduction “Conch salads, conch fritters, oh so many things to eat. Crack conch and scorch conch all adds up to a Bahamian treat,” according to Shamara Curry (2009). The Bahamian culture is filled with customs and heritage. It’s rich and diverse displayed by the way we dress, our music, along with the island-flavored foods that we eat. Delicacies such as conch salad, crack lobster,…show more content…
They also consume lean portions of the meats. In addition to this, the practices of trimming fats off of items are often done in effort to avoid fatty foods. Methods of preparation are vital because it contributes to our healthy eating habits. Next to this, cultural influences and traditions can be a factor in our healthy diet. At “wakes” before a funeral, various types of traditional souses are served. Souse can be composed of boiled meats like chicken, sheep tongue and pig feet and vegetables along with “Johnny cake”. While this bread is sweet and tasty, the number of servings should be controlled. There is also the “Fish fry” in which Bahamians gather occasionally. Down at the fish fry, you can find local cuisines mainly seafood and starches. You can look forward to attaining proteins and carbohydrates with these dishes. One of the healthier local dishes is conch salad. Bahamians devour this savory delight habitually. It’s a combination of raw conch and lots of vegetables. This dish is tasty and nutritious. “The conch salad is a healthy choice to be included in a diet as it has lots of vegetables” according to Dold and Foster (2007). Home-comings and regattas can also influence our healthy eating habits. Some go down to these events just for the food. You can find just about everything local; conch, crawfish, cassavas, sweet potatoes, pineapples, guavas, and peas or beans and rice. Servings can be grilled, boiled

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