The Balance Between Evolution And Creation

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The Balance Between Evolution and Creation
By: Ashton Lyons In America, public schools are allowed to teach any philosophy explaining the existence of all species on Earth. This ranges from christian creationism to scientific evolutionary timelines. Many have disputes about which should be taught in public schools. However, there are many valid reasons why Evolution should not be the only "human timeline" (Wanjie, 56) taught to children in public schools. Reasons such as natural interpretation, philosophical understanding of existence, and pure human rights; everyone should be free to think. Every time a student walks into my biology class, all they learn about is the evolutionary timeline and the proof that makes it so. Not once in a biology class have they learned about how God “created Earth in 6 days” (the bible, Genesis 2:2) or how we all got here through a different philosophical standpoint. I argue that there is not enough balance between the two and that evolution is an unnecessarily dominant teaching.
It would be most beneficial if we have a school that offers a separate class for the study of religion. There should be a non-bias, all inclusive, and multi- religious study class whose main focus is the understanding of other religions’ origins and how their philosophies relate to the modern world.
On the other hand, there should be more work to be done to private schools about the teaching of evolution. There is a major default in private school regulations…

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