The Balance Scorecard

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The Balance Scorecard Initiative
BUS 322 – Written Case

Miranda Zhang

Executive Summary
This report provides the analysis of case study given to me. Gail Palmer Ashton Graduate School of Business ranks among the top schools of USA but the dean of the institute feels that the school has deviated from its foundations. This analysis proposes implementation of the balanced scorecard and performance metrics in order to achieve the four strategic goals of the institution.
Even the ranking is consistent and high the institute needs performance standards devised along the lines of end goals. A balanced scorecard has four perspectives and this report gives the complete exploration of financial, internal, customer and
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So in that case performance measures should be selected to end goals of a particular institute.

Proposing a balanced scorecard
Balanced scorecard is a set of measures, which give the complete view of any business performance. Kaplan and Norton (1995) explained balanced scorecard in following words:
“The balanced scorecard should translate a business unit’s mission and strategy into tangible objectives and measures. The measures represent a balance between external measures for shareholders and customers and internal measures of critical business processes, innovation and learning and growth. The measures are balance between outcome measures, the results of past efforts, and the measures that drive future performance. And the scorecard is balanced between objective, easily quantified outcome measures and subjective, somewhat judgmental, performance…”
Following are the strategic performance measures of any balanced scorecard:
Financial performance: it deals with how the current and potential stakeholders see a particular business.
Customer performance: This measure tells the company about the view of customers regarding the company/institute
Business and production process performance: This measure proposes set of businesses at which a

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