The Balance System Of Shakespeare

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The Balance System in Shakespeare A switch up in any routine can throw off the balance. Most people are used to routine and need it to get through there day. In the early English days there was an order system that consisted of the kings, the noblemen, and lastly the servants and peasants. This was in place to make sure everything was running as smoothly as possible, much like the system of checks and balances in place now within the government. If the king was killed, the natural order would be ruined and it would cause chaos because now the top of the order system is no longer in place to keep the rest in balance. Shakespeare plays are a perfect example of how order and balance play a huge role in people 's lives. Carol Strongin says that Shakespeare writes dramas that purposely cause you to question the nature of mankind and moral order through his perception of good and evil Shakespeare questions how nature and moral order relate to good and evil things happening in Hamlet throughout the entire play. Strongin also says that evil, just like nature and natural order, bring harmony to the universe but could also be its downfall when it is introduced to the cycle inappropriately Most of the imbalance stems from evil things happening and starting a series of things to happening In Shakespeare 's Hamlet, the role of the system of balance and order is what influences the events that take place in Hamlet. The death of Hamlet 's father and the expedience to the throne by his
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