The Balance of Liberty and Order Essay

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The Balance of Liberty and Order History 101 During the 1780’s there was much turmoil and conflict in establishing a solid government. It seemed that everyone had their own opinion on what would be beneficial to maintain liberty and order. There were many problems with the Articles of Confederation, which had a failing result. The Articles of Confederation were the initial cause of the dramatic decline in the organization of the early United States. In response to this, people had many different outlooks on what would be the best solution to the problems of the Articles. It was not all that surprising that the Articles of Confederation did not have a lasting effect in the American system. It did not have the most positive, strong…show more content…
They also have the traditional belief in the importance of restraining government power. This group of individuals opposed the ratification of the constitution and would. It was important to them to have protection for individual liberties in the constitution. Looking at the other side of things from a federalist standpoint, Brutus I and VI are more flexible on the rules, “In a republic of the extent of this continent, the people in general would be acquainted with very few of their rulers: the people at large would know little of their proceedings, and it would be extremely difficult to change them.” In the general government, the federalists have the authority to establish taxing and their focus is more on the liberty aspect over order and law. At the time of the debate, it was a struggle to figure out the best way to balance the preservation of liberty with the need for order. Liberty is also not a choice and you cannot abuse yourself free what you ought to do. Even though the Articles of Confederation did not succeed, it was a way that the government started and displayed an outlook of government in general. The government has come a long way since 1787 and the preservation of liberty and order has been carried through processes to provide an ideal way of making the people happy under the government. Without the
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