The Balanced Scorecard Of Abs Corporation

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The Balanced Scorecard provides information on ABS Corporation around the financials of the organization and forces the upper management team to make informed decisions around the products being provided to consumers, the employees’ wellbeing especially around training, pay and employment satisfaction. It also provides information around the financial health of the organization. The Balanced Scorecard of my organization shows a decline in the performance of ABS Corporation. In Roud1, my overall scorecard was 32, Round 2, I received a 27, Round 3, and a 19 point average was given to me. In Round 4, I received a total score of 12.
In Round 1, my main focus was positioning the products in order to fit the market’s need. I did not focus too much on the price of the product or the production of these products. Being at the beginning stages, my financials were high enough to support mistakes I made during Round 1. My Balanced Scorecard shows my working capital at 4.8/5, figures that greatly declined in Round 2. I decided in Round 2 to use the capital I had in order to pay off my debt. This may have been a wrong decision because I no longer have working capital. In Round 3, I had to sell some stocks as well as borrow money in order to meet up with the expenses and debts of the organization.
In Round 2, I decided to reposition a couple of my products in order to meet up with the demands of the market. The mistake I made was over forecasting my products as well as sales. Doing so,…

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