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The balanced scorecard is a strategic planning and management system that was developed by Dr. Robert S. Kaplan and Dr. David P. Norton in the early 1990's. Their goal was to provide organizations with a clear understanding of what to measure in order to improve performance and results (Balanced Scorecard Institute 2014). The balanced scorecard is a framework that allows an organization to measure performance and compare it to the organization’s strategic objectives and goals (Kinney and Raiborn 2013, 10).
Purpose of the Balanced Scorecard
The balanced scorecard uses short- and long-term, internal and external, and financial and nonfinancial measures to evaluate performance. Management can analyze these measures and compare
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The internal perspective focuses on employees and their contentment with the organization, the quality of products and services, and cost management (Kinney and Raiborn 2013, 11).
Learning and Growth Perspective The learning and growth perspective uses the organization’s resources to adapt to the changing wants and needs of customers. The organizations must ask itself whether it can continue to improve and create value for its customers (Kinney and Raiborn 2013, 11). An organization’s ability to innovate and improve their products or services directly affects its value. An organization can create economic growth by developing new products and services, improving existing products and services, and developing more efficient operations (Kaplan and Norton January/February 1992, 75).
Financial Performance Perspective The financial perspective uses financial performance measures to determine whether the organization’s strategy and actions are profitable. An organization’s financial goals may be as simple as: to survive, to succeed, and to prosper. Survival can be measured by cash flow, success can be measured by growth in sales and income, and prosperity can be measured by increased market share and return on equity. Managers are encouraged to use financial measures like these to demonstrate their financial position to shareholders. (Kaplan and Norton

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