The Balker Essay

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About 15 min into the preparation of the mission and Fred had already seen more guns than he had seen in his lifetime. Soon after Fred had picked up his new rifle he got a ‘new’ way of transportation known as a B.T. (Bandit Technical). These cars are considered as powerful as a 2019 Lamborghini Veneno which had a 24 liter v16 engine. The B.T. was basically a copy paste of the 2019 Veneno, this allowed the warriors to be able to move at speeds of up to 204 mph as well as being all wheel drive to allow then to traverse over any off-road situation. After the warriors jumped in the B.T. they had a lead foot and floored it with the coordinates synched up on their gps they were on a trip that would last for three hours with…show more content…
Before Fred could react a bullet whizzed past his head and went directly into the forehead of a stalker that was jumping to kill him. The stalkers body instantly ragdolled onto Fred knocking him over onto another stalker the damage Fred the weight of Fred and another stalkers bloody corpse landing on the stalker decloaked it, Fred reached to his chest where he kept his dive knife and ripped the knife out of his holster while bullets whizzed past his head. As soon as he ripped the knife out of his holster the stalker was nothing but a target for Fred, Fred grew up throwing his knife at the smaller game to minimize the damage to the meat as well as instantly killing the animal. Before the stalker could charge to him again he threw his knife spinning as well as ever, the knife lodged into the back of the stalker's head causing the stalker to die instantly and the blood poured from where the knife struck the stalker's head, the stalkers body flipped and rolled into Alex’s B.T. Alex was one of the first people to welcome Fred with an actual warm welcome instead of just a “Hi Fred.” Or a “Oh it’s you.” This instantly made Alex one of Fred's only friends in his squad. Alex looked over to Fred to see where he got hit by the stalker noticing that Fred had been hit in the leg he decided to take immediate action while the rest of the squad killed of the
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