The Ballad Of Birmingham Poem

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Boom! Imagine, in the blink of an eye, everything in your world has fallen apart. Your child’s soul is sucked out of her body by a stranger your child has never met before. Imagine your child making world news and being put in history books because of the evil negligence of another fellow American. This reality was true for the families of the victims in the Ballad of Birmingham poem. In my opinion, this is a well structured essay by Dudley Randall which describes minutes before an innocent girl dies in one of the most unimaginable ways. I believe losing her child is a hard thing for a mother to go through. I enjoy the end rhyme and the ability for the audience to understand the poem’s composition. I do not like the way the poem’s tone…show more content…
She sent her child to sing in the choir, in hopes she would be safe in God’s tabernacle, but instead, the child went to the Sixteenth Street Baptist Church death trap. Secondly, I disagree with the way Dudley Randall ended the poem. Even though the reader can assume what happened to the child, the poem slightly leaves you with a cliffhanger. The child’s lifeless body cannot be found by her desperate and destitute mother. The audience can be left feeling melancholy and incomplete. Lastly, Randall, in my opinion, strategically wrote stanza five in the poem very well,“She has combed and brushed her night-dark hair, And bathed rose petal sweet, And drawn white gloves on her small brown hands, And white shoes on her feet”(Randall 19). Lastly, the white gloves and white shoes represent purity and innocence of the adolescent. The way the little girl brushes her black hair and bathes in sweet aromas represents the child’s vulnerability and how sweet the little things are in life. Dudley Randall was born in early 1914 in Washington, D.C. but later migrated to Detroit, Michigan in 1920 (Madgett). At the young age of thirteen, Dudley Randall wrote his first poem. During the span of his life, he has written poems such as “Langston Blues”, “Green Apples”, and the utmost famous “ Ballad of Birmingham”(wikipedia: Dudley Randall). Randall’s poetic themes are on controversial subjects. “When "Ballad of Birmingham", written in response to the 1963 bombing of a church in which
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