The Ballad of the Sad Cafe

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The Ballad of the Sad Café, by Carson McCullers, is the story which takes in a small town in Georgia. The town is a dreary place, where not much happens, but in the story we read of love and betrayal which develops between the main characters of Miss Amelia, Cousin Lymon, and Marvin Macy. The café was a product of love, and the site of betrayal.
Miss Amelia develops a love interest in Cousin Lymon. The origins of Cousin Lymon are unknown, but he is a small hunchback who enters the town one night in search of Miss Amelia for kinship. Cousin Lymon tells Miss Amelia that they are long lost cousins, and shows a photo of whom he insists is his mother and his mother’s half-sister. Whether or not Miss Amelia believed his story, she
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They married, but indicative of what was to come, after being pronounced man and wife, Miss Amelia did not take her husband’s arm, but walked alone down the aisle ahead of him. After the wedding, Miss Amelia lived the next few days as if she was still single and Marvin wasn’t there. Marvin came home drunk one night and put his hand on Miss Amelia, who then hit him in the mouth, causing him to loose teeth. As time passed, Marvin continued to get drunk and Miss Amelia did not allow him on his property. When he did try to venture on the property she threatened him with arrest for trespassing. His love for Miss Amelia being spurned, Marvin Macy leaves town, and little is heard of him except to find out he had turned to a life of crime and was sent to jail.
Betrayal is prominent at the end of the story. Marvin Macy gets out of jail and on returning to town frequents the café. Cousin Lymon is unaware of Marvin’s past relationship with Miss Amelia, but is intrigued by him, and begins to follow him around the town. Tension builds overtime between Marvin and Miss Amelia and all realize that a fight is inevitable. The fight finally breaks out, and after an extended amount of time fighting, Miss Amelia has almost won having put Marvin Macy on the ground. However, just at that moment, Cousin Lymon lets out a scream, jumps forward and attacks Miss Amelia, thus making Marvin the victor. Defeated and weak, Miss Amelia staggers up to her office, locks the door, and sits in her
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