The Ballistic Missile Submarine

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With the threat of nuclear war lingering in our domain, the United States counters this spreading issue with the ballistic missile submarine to provide strategic deterrence. Ballistic missile submarines have been important to the United States and Russia, as well as other nuclear powers, since the beginning of the Cold War. Ballistic missile submarines can evade satellites and discharge their nuclear munitions with little interference. This allows them to be protected from a first strike directed against nuclear forces, permitting each side to maintain the capability to launch an overwhelming retaliatory assault, even if all surface based missiles have been obliterated. Furthermore, the deployment of extremely accurate missiles on quieter submarines permits an attacker to advance closer to an adversary’s coast and launch its missiles.
The ballistic missile submarine is the corner stone of the United States nuclear triad. It is also the only survivable portion of the triad due to the ballistic missile submarines’ ever changing locations and patrols. Much is classified about this stealthy monolith’s technology and operating procedure. But its development from the USS Nautilus to modern day Ohio Class ballistic missile submarine is well known by other nations who fight to keep up with the United States’ projection of power. The Ohio Class ballistic…
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