The Ballot Or The Bullet By Malcolm X

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The Civil Rights Movement is a period of the United States history that most people see as an era in the past. The Civil rights movement brought about reform and change that made people of all races and ethnicities equal in society; however, some 60 to 70 years later, there is struggle for true equality for all races and ethnicities in America. In Malcolm X’s speech “The Ballot or the Bullet,” Malcolm X believes that civil rights are human rights, and all African Americans are “justified in seeking civil rights, if it means equality of opportunity”(Malcolm X 362). When using Malcolm X’s definition of civil/human rights, it is clear that even in society today, not all races have reached equality. African Americans are still fighting for equal opportunity in the education system and economic status in American society.
In Malcolm X’s speech, he believes human rights should allow African Americans to have equal opportunity as their white counterparts do; however, achieving equality is hard to accomplish when White’s play an active role in an attempt to prevent African Americans to reach and gain equality(Malcolm X 356-371). Malcolm X believes that politicians have a “con game going on,” and that America is depriving African Americans of decent educational, economic, and housing opportunities (Malcolm X 361). Malcolm X’s “The ballot or the Bullet” speech is his attempt to persuade his followers to push for the equality that African Americans deserve. Malcolm X believes the…
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