The Ballot Or The Bullet Essay

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“The Ballot or The Bullet” and “Letters from Birmingham Jail” are both refutes of social, economic, and civil injustice in America. The two letters are written by revolutionary activists of civil rights, Martin Luther King, and Malcom X, both written with in a year of one another. Malcom X, author of “The Ballot or The Bullet’ is known for being a support of the black nationalist, and dances on the line of encouraging violence in search for equality. Whereas, Martin Luther, author of Letters from Birmingham Jail” seeks justice through non-violent direct action. Although the tone and style of both letters are contrary to one another, the message is non-the less the same, a pathway to equality through social motivation sparked by a leader. Throughout the semester we have touched upon many instances for which the legal history of America effects the life of a black America, especially in “We Shall Overcome” Alexander Tsesis takes on the task of looking at civil rights through the “lens of legal history’. “The Ballot or The Bullet” displays the political message that the ‘ballot’ is freedom, and thus power through the freedom to vote. Malcom X hounds in on the political idea that the white man preys on the black man for votes, but then allows filibustering to happen in the Senate so nothing gets passed to promote equality for black Americans. Alexander writes frequently through the book how skewed politics become for blacks once their vote is legalized. That although, they can

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