The Bama Boys : A Long Time Ago

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The Bama Boys A long time ago, someone must have blessed me with the curse of, "May you live in interesting times". I have never really had a boring time, even when I tried. I helped run our family jewelry business for 30 very good years, had the bonus of living with both my parents and grandparents in one house for many years, and I know I can turn this 2-3 page essay into 10-13 pages, easily. Out of all my craziness, the best memory, other than my daughter, would be when my husband brought home our two “foster” dogs from Alabama. Which gave us five dogs in total, Pink (she is a Dutch Shepherd and Randall’s service dog), Gibson (my male German Shepherd puppy, he was very protective of me and maybe training for k-9), Telsa (our other German Shepherd female, she was training for search and rescue) and then Chance and Tyson. In April of 2013, my husband Randall went to Alabama to help a fellow dog trainer with her rescue/dog-training compound. About two years before this county in Alabama were hit by a tornado and they were still rebuilding the compound for training and finding homes for the stray dogs that were brought to her. Therefore, Randall drove to Alabama, with two of our German Shepherds. He was not planning to be back home for almost a year. Well, when got there to the compound, Red, the owner, had placed roughly ten dogs in his charge. Randall would send me videos of what he was doing with the dogs, especially two very special dogs. These two dogs were

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