The Ban Of Medical Marijuana

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Charlotte Figi, a six-year-old girl, had an untreatable form of epilepsy and used medical marijuana to save her life. Her parents had tried almost every medication to try and save her by the time she was two-years-old. Some nights she would get fifty seizures each night. Finally, her parents were able to get her a medical marijuana card in Colorado, and the new medication immediately stopped the seizures (Gummow, 8 Miraculous, para. 4, This is just one example of how unjust the ban of medicinal marijuana is. The ban of medical marijuana is unjust because people who need the medicine have been arrested and sent to prison for decades, the ban is based on outdated moral biases, and although some may argue that marijuana is a “gateway” drug, people who wish to use medicinal marijuana are using it to relieve specific symptoms that are not addressed by “harder” drugs. Charlotte’s epilepsy is not the only condition for which medical marijuana can be used. First, the website states that medical marijuana is useful for sufferers of Alzheimer’s Disease, anorexia, AIDS, cancer, Crohn’s Disease, and many others (For Which Symptoms, para. 1, Studies show that drugs, such as cocaine, and alcohol inhibit the growth of new brain cells. However, research conducted at Scripps Research in San Diego demonstrates that marijuana encourages neural growth. THC, one of the primary beneficial compounds found in cannabis, eases pain, minimizes
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