The Ban On Advertising Tobacco Products

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The ban put on advertising tobacco products in India has caused a lot of debates. Some say it violates the constitution, others say it saves lives. Each side sets a valid argument, but which side is right? These bans do not only exist in India. They have been put into action in many different countries as well. Tobacco use kills 5.4 million people a year, averaging at about half of all smokers. (W.H.O.-Facts) I think that everyone is aware of how bad tobacco use is for your health. What people may not seem to realize, is that advertisements play a large role in these deaths. Among people in India, 74.4% of school children ages 13-15 were exposed to pro-cigarette billboards in 2009. (Sinha DN.) When putting these facts together, something begins to seem morally corrupt about these numbers. This is why I can understand the concern that people have regarding the heavily advertised tobacco products. When advertising for a company, there are many ethical dilemmas that a manager may face. Even if management is aware of the negative impacts their product can have on their consumers, they are still held responsible to advertise their product. Because of this obligation, managers are succumbed to conceal the truths about their product. They continue to advertise from a positive perspective, leaving their consumers unaware of the other bad side effects. In my opinion, these facts could be supported for or against the ban on tobacco. On one side, a business is clearly using
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