The Ban On The Tobacco Industry

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When the Government of India dropped the news on the ban on the tobacco Industry, the objective of such a ban was to discourage adolescents from consuming tobacco products and also arm the Government with powers to launch an anti-Tobacco program but the ethical aspects of Government objectives was in question because the tobacco company was a major revenue earner for the government in past years. these fact of ethics situation was no news to the populace that 's why a statement was made that the ban does not have teeth is was referred also as a typical knee-jerk reaction by any Government to create some kind of popularity for itself. Issue involved is the tussle between the ethical and commercial considerations, but it is believed that this action on its part will create the right climate for a constructive dialogue that will help develop appropriate content, rules & regulations to make the intended legislation equitable and implementable From the ethical standpoint of the Government they have to have a way to discourage the habit of smoking tobacco as the government was responsible for the welfare of its citizens also on the other hand, the tobacco Industry was a major contributor to the government income because In the Year 2000-01 it contributed about 8000 crores in excise revenue which was a great income due to the financial difficulty the government faced. This leaves the government in problem to choose the ethical and lost the
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