The Banana Farmers Of The Windward Islands

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Globalization has been occurring for thousands of years through the integration of cultures, people, government and nations. This driving force effects many societies around the world in many ways ranging from environmental issues, economic development, culture, people’s physical well-being, and political systems. However some of these driving forces can lead to the downfall of a single social group while benefiting others. In the case of the banana farmers of the Windward Islands, they are introduced to the free trade system which results in an economic decline which is further decline by neoliberal policies.
Many see globalization to be a deep, intricate and wonderful thing which aids and develops many nations of the world to grow and become prosperous. In the case of economic globalization, many economies domestically and internationally have been opened to various new economic systems, such as free market and free trade, to promote economic growth to create new opportunities for international trade and investment as well as international agreements. (Moghaddam & Redzuan, 2012) However, many who oppose economic globalization claim that the creation of an unrestrained international free market has an opposite effect on certain countries. Which leave many of them in poverty, creates more inequalities amongst nations, raises unemployment rates, weaken worker’s rights and undermine social welfare. Many globalist often find one way to combat this unfairness is by
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