The Band Played On By Randy Shilts

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The film And the band played on is a screen adaption of the book and the band played on by Randy Shilts done by Roger Spottiswoode. This screen adaption is a story of epidemic that had medical researchers scrabbling to understand the horrifying and mysterious new disease of AIDS that sored across the United States of America. This story takes place during the initial 5 years of the breakout from 1980 to 1985. 1. What are the major theme(s) of the film? Hint use the concepts presented in class to guide your answer. Provide examples to demonstrate meaning. (6 marks) There are three major themes displayed in this film, And the band played on (Spottiswoode, 1993). The initial major theme that I had found to be important was the concept of medical/professional dominance. Medical professionals having the power to go above the law is immense but conversely abusing this power may be easier than expected. Power and influence of this magnitude can effect medical research acceptance and presentation to the vast majority of individuals and creators of legislation and policies. Specifically in the film Dr. Robert Gallo displayed immoral values against the overall goal of developing a cure for AIDs. Dr. Gallo being arrogant and displaying medical/professional dominance by competing to determining the cure for instead of collaborating with the French scientists. Furthermore Dr. Gallo being conceited attempted to patent the research that the French scientists had discovered as his own

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