The Bands And Music Groups That Are Popular Today

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Introduction: Look at the bands and music groups that are popular today. They use many different instruments to create the songs they present to us. A common instrument they tend to use is the guitar. Whether it is acoustic or electric, the guitar can be used in various styles of music such as rock, pop, or country, presenting it’s ability to adapt and change the different forms, creating perfect harmonies. Although, it is a well known instrument around the world, people do not appreciate the time and effort it takes to create such an incredible instrument. We tend to applaud the people that play it well, but what about those who create it? What about the people behind the creation of the guitars we play? There is a lot that goes into making such a magnificent instrument. While there is a lot of woodwork and craftsmanship needed, putting the parts together without a mistake, people don’t realize that there is a lot of math that goes into creating a guitar. By combining the fields of mathematics and musical theory, a craftsman can produce a guitar of great quality. To understand this complex interplay, we must understand: - the relationship between frequency of sound waves and the pitch of musical notes - the body of a guitar as an acoustic resonator - Pythagorean tuning & and the diatonic scale - the Western chromatic scale as a group of 12 elements closed under transposition in a specific system of tuning - how to place frets on a guitar using either a mathematical idea
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