The Bangladesh Liberation War was a Major Event that Greatly Affected India and Pakistan

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The Bangladesh Liberation War was a major event that left a huge, lasting effect on our world. Starting on March 21, 1971 and lasting one month long, the war became a fight over power and authority. The war affected Pakistan and India greatly. It was first triggered when East and West Pakistan had issues. India became involved in the war when they decided to help East Pakistan. The war affected a great number of people. Just like any war, The Bangladesh Liberation War had many devastating tragedies. Although the tragedies were an obstacle, everything ended up working out for the uprising of Bangladesh.
There were multiple causes of The Bangladesh Liberation War. These causes include the lack of sharing power between East and West Pakistan, resources, language, and the Bhola Cyclone. Pakistan was divided up into provinces. West Pakistan had four provinces that included Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, and the North-West Frontier. East Pakistan was a province all on its own. Although the majority of the population lived in East Pakistan, it seemed as if West Pakistan had complete control over East Pakistan. East Pakistan had little to no political power. Resources was also a cause of the war. Since West Pakistan had complete control over East Pakistan, they used more resources than the east did. Between the years of 1948 and 1960, 70% of all of Pakistan’s exports were made by East Pakistan. Sadly, East Pakistan only received 25% of the imported money because West Pakistan was
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