The Banking Concept Of Education

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The banking concept is a term used by Paulo Freire to describe the “traditional” educational system. With this concept, students seem to learn all they need to know by narration of the teachers. “Narration leads the students to memorize mechanically the narrated account”(Freire, page 1). Because of this method, students are being referred to as depositors since teachers’ deposit information into their brains and the students receive, memorize and repeat. This concept has shown that people lack creativity, knowledge and individuals cannot be truly human. Students tend to lack critical consciousness and the more they accept the role of the teachers, the more they adapt to the world as it is. As Paulo Freire discusses, “ The Banking Concept of Education” he also proposes a way to improve education by introducing us to the “Problem-Posing Approach”. By doing such, he informs us that this approach is an alternative learning method that is efficient and an effective solution to the banking approach. I personally believe that all students should be taught with the Problem-Posing Approach since the Banking Approach is not a sufficient way of learning. I can guarantee that almost every student has been a part of this “traditional” educational system as they are just taught to memorize certain material until the test day comes. As an undergraduate student, I can say that I have witnessed my education become a test of remembering everything that was in a PowerPoint. I remember my
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