The Banking Concept of Education vs. Problem Posing

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Name: Ronak V Patel Draft – III Paulo Freire wrote “The Banking Concept of Education”. His article is based on the “banking” concept education and problem posing education. Banking education is the learning method between students and teacher where most of the participation in class is done by the teacher. Learners don’t have any idea what the educator is talking about, this is the reason why Freire opposes banking education. Problem posing education is a learning method where students are taught practically about the subject with real examples. The writer supports problem posing method of education where students can benefit in terms of enhancing their critical thinking skills, remembering the concepts for long term. This education…show more content…
For example, the materials given to them are made by the teachers and are straight from the textbooks where students are not able to give their thoughts on the chapters they learn. He also states that primary education is “imitation” where students are made to memorize alphabets, multiplication tables, etc. This belief parallels to Freire's views on banking education and makes Rodriguez a “Scholarship boy”. Secondly, students are not able to think critically for themselves. Banking system of education greatly reduces the critical thinking power of students and their creativity is also greatly affected. Freire writes, “The capability of banking education to minimize the student’s creative power and to stimulate their credulity serves interests of the oppressors, who care neither to have the world revealed not to see it transformed” (Freire 261). The writer from this quote has rightly pointed out one of the major ill effects of banking education, that it reduces the student’s creative power and they are forced to believe that whatever the teacher is saying is true. Rodriguez did not have his own point of view. He also admits that “In these various ways, books brought me academic success as I hoped that they would. But I was not a good reader. Merely bookish, I lacked a point of view when I read. Rather I read in order to acquire a point of view” (Rodriguez 202). Though the writer read books about well known authors he lacked

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