The Banking Sector

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INTRODUCTION Banks primarily to rich investors to provide financial services to customers. Government restrictions ARE vary over time and place, according to the bank 's financial activities. Banks are important players in financial markets and offer financial services such as investment funds and loans. Some countries, such as Germany, banks have historically owned major stakes in THE industrial corporations while in the United States are prohibited from owning non-financial companies such as banks countries. In Japan, banks are usually the nexus of the structure holding the kairetsu (keiretsu) called cross-share. In France, the prevalence of their customers, as most OF THE banks offer insurance services (and now real estate…show more content…
A pun on the name of the city laden with coins coin shows a banker 's table Trapeza. There is also the Modern Greek the word Trapeza under the meaning of tables and a bank DEFINITION Desedese definition of a bank varies. Under English common law (English common section), bank on the business of a person who is a banker (banker), which is specified as follows: [4] Conducting current accounts for his customers Paying checks drawn on him, and Collecting checks for his customers money. Banker individuals, the congregation / group, which may not be the banker is a corporation, it is the business of banking '. Although this definition seems circular, but it is not really practical, as the Czech such as the legal basis for bank transactions, do not depend on how the bank is organized or regulated, it has been shown accurately. There are statutory definitions of the business of banking or banking business English common law jurisdictions. Of course, in many cases largely reflects the legal interpretation of the common law definition. Examples of statutory definitions (Banking Act (Singapore), Section 2, Interpretation). "Banking business" means either or both of the following: Make checks written by consumers to receive payments or collecting Czech. [5] EFTPOS (Electronic Funds Transfer at Point Of Sale), direct credit, direct debit and has already lost its primacy in most banking systems as a means of payment Czech advent of Internet banking. This has led to a

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