The Banner Saga

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The director for Versus Evil, Lance James, recently announced that The Banner Saga would be coming to PS4 and Xbox One on January 12th of next year. This game was already available for the PC back in 2014. Now, they announced this new version on consoles and it looks better than Blackguards and Candy Crush.


The Banner Saga was released by Versus Evil for the PC at the beginning of last year. It is a tactical role playing video game with a Viking theme. The game, just like others of its genre, is predicated on the single player campaign. Users are able to build up a party of characters all having different abilities to traverse through the story. The way you converse with people will also influence the
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Many praised the fact that the game allowed the story to be changed based on what the users chose. The visuals and arts of the game were also both excellent. The combat system was met with positives and negatives. The fact that it had some difficulty to it was met with positivity. However, the lack of variety in the combat was a little bit of a problem. The soundtrack of The Banner Saga was also very well liked.


Speaking of another tactical role playing game for PC, Blackguards comes to mind. Blackguards 2 is the latest game and it was released in the beginning of 2015. The main protagonist is actually a convicted murderer who is trying to save the world from a dark force. The story has many twists and turns, and creepy creatures are going to be encountered when traversing. This is another tactical RPG that is for more mature audiences and has a dark story.


The overall reception of Blackguards 2 was not quite as good as The Banner Saga. It still received positive reviews, though. The game did improve on confusion. What I mean by this ,is there were many times in the prequel that you would be extremely confused. In Blackguards 2 that is not much of a problem as it focuses more on fighting. This was a huge improvement from the first
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