The Baptist Student Union Building

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Koinonia “Hey, you want to go to Koinonia,” my friend Sarah asked. “Sure, I’ll go.” Questions filled my head as I headed toward the club’s gathering place. “What is Koinonia? Who is in it? Am I even welcomed to go?” “Yes, anyone is welcomed! Just come check it out. By the time it is over, you will have a sense of what Koinonia is.” As I approached the door, I prepared myself for what I would encounter beyond the door. Walking into the bottom of the Baptist Student Union building, I noticed several familiar faces. “Welcome, I am so happy you are here,” the vice president exclaimed. I automatically felt in place, and took a seat at a table. Sarah Roberson, the vice president of Koinonia, sat next to me and asked me what persuaded me to…show more content…
“Sarah, what are the benefits you got out of joining?’ A smile came across her face as she replied, “I get to know other Christians and spend time in fellowship. While I have been here, I have learned different ways to reach out to people and witness.” As vice president, Sarah plans the singer and speaker for each weekly meeting, and works by the side of the president to plan activities. By this time, the room became filled with girls who took time to welcome me personally. After a few exchanges, the singers began to start. The song lifted the room’s spirits, and everyone joined along in singing. Looking around, I became so happy to see young women close to my age having fun worshipping Christ. Faces were covered in smiles as the song ended. After the song was done, the president stood up and announced she would be the speaker. Sharing her personal testimony, my nerves were struck with the influence she had experienced. Finishing her story, she closed us out in prayer. While walking out of the building, I found myself walking the same path as a classmate who was also leaving. “What did you think of that, Taryn?” With a smile upon her face, she looked up and said, “I just love how great it is to have that time to fellowship and have with God during a stressful week.” Her answer summed up my feelings perfectly. “Have you joined?” Not
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