The Barbarie of Animal Testing

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Animal Testing Every year in the United States more than one hundred million animals are poisoned, crippled, and abused in labs. Imagine being locked up in a cage your whole life and used against your will to be harmed in a number of ways (“11 Facts”). It does not sound fun does it? Just like us, animals are living. They feel pain and they suffer just like we do. I personally believe testing on animals is wrong because it is ruthless and barbarous, other methods exist today that could replace the need for animals, and these tests do not accurately foresee the results in humans. Firstly, animal testing is ruthless and barbarous. In 2010, the US Department of Agriculture recorded that ninety seven thousand one hundred and twenty three animals endured some kind of agony during some kind of experiment or test. These animals were not given any type of anesthesia for abatement. Animals and humans both feel pain in some of the same ways; in fact, their feedback in response to pain is essentially corresponding. For example, both humans and animals scream. The frequently used LD50 or Lethal Dose 50, experiment associates figuring out what chemical dosage will kill fifty percent of the animals that are being tested on. Secondly, other methods exist in today’s time that can replace the need for using animals, some of which can be more efficient and accurate. For example, there are profitable, available products such as Epiderm and ThinCert that is made from sheets of test

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