The Bark Side, By Volkswagen

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“Hump Day” quickly caught fire in America with its witty and comical hump backed camel asking coworkers what day it is (Meet The Logans, 2013). The imaginative and unconventional scene of a talking camel in an office setting attracts the immediate attention of viewers, who then stick around to learn why the camel is there, which is when they uncover that this ad was sponsored by an insurance company. Another ad featuring an unconventional opening scene was “The Bark Side” by Volkswagen, which opened with eleven different breeds of dogs barking in harmony (Volkswagenargoficial, 2012). The entire video is of this “song” that this k-9 a cappella group has learned. It is not until the very last scene, of course, when the car manufacturer who funded the video is revealed. “Uncle Drew” is a nearly five minute video of a disguised Kyrie Irving playing basketball with random people in the park (Pepsi, 2012). Unbeknownst to them, they were playing a professional athlete and not an elderly man. This original video attracts users through its novelty, celebrity appeal, and action of the sport, not through its sound arguments as to why Pepsi MAX should be your first beverage choice. Crafting videos that have no relevance to the physical product is a common tactic amongst successful YouTube ad creators because the product they are attempting to sell may not have many differentiating factors to base a strong argument on and because advertisers aim to engage viewers within 15 seconds,

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