The Baroque Era And Neoclassicism

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Domingas Fernandes Art history is spread over a course of different periods in time, creating extraordinary yet distinct artists and artworks. Peter Paul Rubens, one of the most successful artists from the Baroque period, produced several artworks that influence the art world even today. Likewise, Jacques-Louis David, an artist who is often considered to be the most important French Neoclassical painter, created paintings that yielded a movement which changed the course of art history. These artists, both from different regions and time periods, produced artwork that differed in many ways, namely in message, style, and intended audience. The Baroque era and Neoclassicism are separate epochs that impacted artists and their creative style. Marked for having a completely unique emphasis and focus, artworks from these periods possess different characteristics and themes. For example, extensive drama, contrast of light and dark, and the painterly compositions are among the most prevailing characteristics of the Baroque. In this period, the artists were more unrestrained in their composition and narrated the story loosely according to the original source, i.e. adding some drama or implementing additional figures. The Baroque artists’ use of contrasting light and dark added to the dramaturgy of the scene. The Neoclassical period, on the other hand, focused more on Classical art with an emphasis on being historically correct. This period in art rejected most of the aspects
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