The Baroque Era

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A’Miya Williams
World History Since 1500
Professor Pinder
1 October 2015
Summative Essay
The Baroque Era occurred from 1590 to 1725 AD in various parts of Europe. Its style was very different from its predecessor’s, the Renaissance, focus on antiquity. It was not until the Reformation that the Baroque style took its place in history as a momentous period. During the Reformation, people broke from the almighty Roman Catholic Church and created their own form of Christian faith, Protestantism. This Protestant movement took Europe and other countries by storm who either disagreed with the teachings and actions of the Catholic Church or who wanted to have more freedom in faith. To win back support and attract other cultures, the Roman Catholic Church decided to utilize Baroque art as an instrument for their own Counter Reformation. In this essay, the unique style and various types of Baroque art are argued to be an essential component in the success of the Counter Reformation.
The Roman Catholic Church decided that in order to attract less educated people, biblical art had to be more attractive and emotional. The very essence of Baroque art is its realism, focus on expressionism and movement. The Church expanded upon the grandeur sense of Baroque art by producing “large scale works of public art, [like] monumental wall paintings and huge frescoes for the ceilings and vaults of palaces and churches” (“Baroque Art: Definition, Styles, History”). Rich colors with an emphasis on
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