The Baroque Period

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Artists and Artworks from the Baroque Period
Nathan Hale
American Intercontinental University

The author of this paper examines three works of art from three different artists from the Baroque Period. He compares the different works of art and discusses similarities, differences, and the techniques that were used.

The Baroque period ran from 1600 to 1770, Artist of that time used different techniques that were used during the renaissance period to bring drama to art. An immense amount of art in that period shows fantastic energy and emotion. These pieces of art that were designed and created during the Baroque period brought out emotion in the onlookers of the
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The color of the sculpture is of skin tone, but the way Bernini sculpted the lines created shadowing in his skin. You can tell the strength of David by all the carved out muscles that are all over his body. Peter Paul Rubens a renowned humanist and diplomat in his time. Was the most influential baroque painters in northern Europe. He studied works of Michelangelo. When he returned up north he was very sought after and opened a large studio with much assistance. He was known for the beauty he painted when painting nudes, but there was a propensity for everything in his painting to have a sense of sensuality, his freedom with the brush influenced many painters. The rising of the cross 1610 to 1611 which was painted oil on panel. He painted this piece of art for an important Roman Catholic cathedral in his homeland. He paints the elevation of the cross after returning to Flanders from Italy. The main panel illustrates muscle men attempting to lift the cross, and the unbearable weight of Christ of the cross. This piece of art is jumping out on the onlooker it simply is amazing leading to the picture of Christ . The visual vitality makes this piece a baroque piece of art. The center of this beautiful painting is filled with drama and power. The strong figures lug the rope to raise up the cross. While the other muscly men carry and raise a pale looking Jesus. You
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