The Baroque Period Essay

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Music reached its peak of success between the 17th and 18th century. This time period is known as the Baroque period. Countless composers achieved immense success during this point in history, two of the most famous being, Johann Bach and George Frideric Handel. The first opera, oratorio, and cantata occurred during the Baroque period. Amazingly, most of the instruments used during the period, remain in use today. The Baroque period in music obviously played a tremendous role in the growth of music through its numerous successful composers and various types of instruments. The Baroque period in music began 1600 and ended around 1750. The unique instruments and styles defined the Baroque period as composers began to withdraw new and…show more content…
After years of lessons, Handel attended Halle University. Simultaneous to his father’s death, Handel became a full time musician. Contributing significantly to the musical world, he is considered to this day as one of the best organists of all time. Over the course of his life, George Frideric Handel participated in over 50 operas, dramatic oratorios, and orchestras. The myriad of instruments used during the Baroque period are divided into four groups: brass, keyboards, strings, and winds. Included in the brass group are trumpets, horns, and sackbuts. The trumpet, originally made of bamboo or wood, was replaced by a shorter version in 1300 and later fashioned into the shape of an S in 1400. Continuing to evolve rapidly, the trumpet became formed, coiled into an elongated loop in 1500 and could be constructed in both brass and silver. In 1820, valves were added along the body of the trumpet, which changed the pitch of the music it played. Orchestral, or French horns, were first developed in 1650 in France and in the 1700s, the French hunting horn entered the orchestra. Like the trumpet, valves were added to the horn in the early 18th century. Although they are not the best known group of instruments, keyboards play a prominent role in the orchestra. The keyboard group includes organs and harpsichords. The organ is formulated of flue pipes, an air supply, and keys. Flue pipes are made of either metal or wood, and act like a whistle for the organ. The air supply
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