The Baroque Period in Europe

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The Baroque period was around 1600’s in Rome, Italy and then spread to most of Europe. There were three different periods of Baroque early in 1590 to 1625, high 1625 to 1660 and late 1660 to 1725. The style of art during this period focused on clear detail; produce drama and tension in paintings, sculptures and architecture. Unlike some eras of art, the Roman Catholic Church encouraged the Baroque style. The church wanted the arts to communicate religious themes in direct emotional involvement. The Architecture was a means of impressing visitors and express dominance, power and control. A Painter who was a great example of Baroque art was Peter Paul Rubens. His paintings had a style of an importance on movement color and sensuality. He is very famous for his altarpieces portraits and landscapes, also paintings of mythological subjects. Rubens used oil sketches as preparation for studies. He was one of the few and last artists of his time to use wooden panels as a support medium, also he used canvas went his paintings would be sent a long distance. When making an altarpiece he painted on a slate to help reduce reflection problems. Ruben had a workshop where he supervised other painters as they produce paintings form his oil sketches. In the Northern parts of Italy there developed Dutch Golden Age painting. This type of painting used very little religious art and not much history painting. But instead created still life paintings of everyday scenes and landscape paintings.
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