The Baroque Research Paper

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The Mysterious and Mischievous Revolutionary Painter The Baroque period brought many dark historic moments throughout its decades. The counter-reformation, the Protestantism, and the people lives being controlled by the King, the Pope, and the pastors. Due to these circumstances, the artists were obliged to create arts that had religious symbolic meanings. (CBSNews / AP)The one artist that would not accept these rules was named Caravaggio. Caravaggio would later become one of the well-respected and an inspirational figure to many artists.
In the year of 1571, a beautiful and honest woman who lived in the town of Caravaggio, Italy gave birth to one of the most mischievous, mysterious, and brilliant minds named Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio.
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The Council of Trent started gathering new information on how life was seen by the philosophers’ brilliant minds such as Bacon, Descartes, Galileo, Hobbes, Locke, and amongst many others. (Reid Bramblett) It was not only a time of new influences, but also a time of brand new minds and ideas to bring prosperity to the world. Due to the influences that the baroque and absolutism times had on Caravaggio, he was taking these influences and making the effort to demonstrate that the world could live in a liberal way and yet be a sacred place to live in. It was then that the Pope, the Council of Trent, and the wealthy people began welcoming Caravaggio and his artwork. After Caravaggio was accepted by the Council of Trent and the wealthy people, many artists became followers of his artwork and began to follow his footsteps. (Erin…show more content…
Caravaggio was not only a killer, a mischievous character, and a mysterious man, but he was a great influence to Europe and the rest of the world. Caravaggio is not just well-respected by the creation of its artworks, but also for leading and inspiring many artists around the globe to paint as they desire and with freedom. Until today people are fighting about the way that he created his masterpieces and even churches are arguing about whom should have his work. (Nick Squires) It must be well-thought that if Caravaggio did not stand up for the liberty and freedom of the way that the arts should be portrayed, then a person must ask who through the arts would be influenced nowadays. Overlooked in the aftermath of his death, Caravaggio is revered today as a seminal figure in art history. (CBSNews / AP)The people should feel blessed for a figure such as Caravaggio for standing up for their rights and freedom of expressing
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