The Baroque Style Of The 19th Century

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• Social: In 17th century large numbers of artists traveled to Rome to develop themselves, to work and study and Nicolas Poussin born in French spend significant time I Rome as well. Rome attracted the young artists not only with the many regulations that being extended by the Church but with the opportunity to learn from the past masters I art. Most of the 17th century was dominated by the baroque style, whose expressive power was well appropriate to the needs of the Counter-Reformation Church for affecting images. The baroque style develop around 1600 in Rome before spreading across Europe. It was encouraged and influenced and by the Catholic Church, which used it to propaganda religious themes, war images, and aristocrats who appreciated the high spirits. The art of the time focused on showing natural images, intense emotions exaggerated through the play of light and shadow. Baroque style had a purpose to glorifying the church and monarchy by dramatic images and scenes (Seventeenth Century Art, par. 1) • Economic: In 17th century new concepts in banking were in play allowing for an increase in the monetary supply. Advances in agriculture meant more grain, so even the poorest had at the very least bread. Because of developing the trade system the Italian States were very rich, it was an age of expansion in commerce and industry. Baroque style developed in that era had the purpose to show the power and the greatness of the Church and Monarchs standing behind it. Baroque

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