The Barriers Between Standard And Nonstandard English

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“Twenty-one percent of U.S. residents now speak a language other than English at home. Although many of these people are bilingual, more than twenty-five million residents say they speak English at levels they would rate as less than ‘very well’’ ( In the United States, there is no official language, yet most Americans believe everyone must speak English and only English to be an American. Americans who become citizens must learn Standard English resulting in a forked tongue speaking both their native language and English or complete loss of their native tongue and culture. When there is a loss of someone’s culture it results to a loss of identity, beliefs, values, customs, and behaviors. When policing Americans, there are invisible laws set which establish boundaries between Standard and Nonstandard English. There are two forms of English: Standard and Nonstandard, but Nonstandard English is not excepted in all situations. For example, if someone was in a job interview using Nonstandard English, he might be addressed as uneducated or underqualified. Nonstandard English should be recognized but not used in a professional, formal, or intimate conversations, furthermore allowing immigrants, students, and all Americans to express themselves in a way that is comfortable to them and the person they are speaking to. A clear majority of Immigrants who live in the United States, embracing the American culture, raise their children to only speak English

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