The Barriers Preventing Female Participation

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In recent years both the government and UK Sport have been working hard to promote higher participation levels in sport for women. The UK wants to be at the forefront of world equality in sport, and has been campaigning hard to educate the country. They have been explaining why sport has traditionally been considered an exclusively male activity, why this is now ‘old fashioned’ and why we must change these traditions in the 21st century, to progress sport and to promote the benefits to health and communities further. In this essay I’m going to discuss the barriers preventing female participation today, and what it was like for women in the past asking the question “have we progressed?” If so, where have we progressed? And is there enough progress? Secondly, what are the other barriers preventing gender equality in the wider society, not just for the elite and amateur athletes but for normal working men and women; is there anything we can do to help them? Lastly what are the National Governing Bodies of each sport doing to overcome gender equality, and are we seeing progress there?
Firstly, what are and have been the barriers to participation? In the past women have struggled with a lack of simple opportunities to engage with sports. Traditionally women have been responsible for running households, looking after children and elderly relatives, not having the time for leisure pursuits or the money available to spend on themselves, as the family would have always had a higher
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