The Baseball Hall Of Fame

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In August 1989, a decision shocked the baseball community as one of the game’s biggest icons, Pete Rose, agreed to permanent ineligibility from major league baseball activities for betting on his own team as both a player and manager. As a result, he was also banned for life from the Baseball Hall of Fame. A month ago, in September 2015, MLB’s all-time hits leader met with the commissioner of baseball, Rob Manfred, regarding the possibility of being granted induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. This has once again sparked debate and divides baseball fans everywhere. There is no obvious correct answer and no sign of compromise. While some people firmly believe that Rose should be in the Hall of Fame for his record-smashing career, others believe he should be left out for the betting he did as a coach and a player.

Pete Rose’s play on the field is clear testament and obvious proof he is deserving of being inducted into the Hall of Fame. From the effort he put into every play earning him the nickname “Charlie Hustle”, to all the individual records and World Series rings he has earned, Pete Rose is a sure fire nominee to the Hall of Fame. He is remembered as one of the most dominating hitters of all time, “The man was an incredible offensive player and nothing can take that away from him. With numbers like his, there is no question that he is more than deserving of a place in the Hall” (Dunn). Pete Rose finished his career as the league 's leader in hits, at
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