The Baseball Hall Of Fame

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It’s that time of the year again, for Baseball Writers’ Association of America to vote for who they believe should be candidates for the Baseball Hall of Fame. The conversation of steroids always pops up at this time because some of the most prolific baseball players have been known to use steroids, such as Barry Bonds, Mark McGuire, and Alex Rodriguez. These guys have been proven that they used the enhancing drug, but these are some of the league’s best players of all time and they aren’t getting the representation that they deserve. The system needs to be changed because it is keeping great ball players out of this superior club. The Hall of Fame is meant for the greatest in the game, and it is the biggest honor you can get in baseball. Just because they took an illegal substance a couple times shouldn’t ruin their reputations and their whole career. For example, Babe Ruth, he played over half of his career under the influence of alcohol during the prohibition era. Shouldn’t disqualify him from being in the Hall of Fame, since he was performing a criminal act? I wouldn’t think so. These men deserve the same treatment. The best way to prevent this is to legalize the use of steroids and look at the player’s stats and performance. It is also key to look at the player’s character but this is where they say that the steroid users fail in getting votes for the Hall of Fame. For some reason, they think that since you took steroids that you are a horrible person and aren’t…
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