The Based Sharing Economy Is The Community Based Online Services For A New Door For The Whole World

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Technology- based sharing economy is the community-based online services that sharing the access to goods and services based on peer-to-peer mode (Hamari, Sjöklint & Ukkonen, 2015). The widespread of mobile tablets and advanced payment ways motivate the advent of the technology-based sharing economy like Airbnb and Uber. The sharing economy nowadays is just a reengineered consumption model consists of old processes and digital technologies (Sundararajan, 2013). In other words, digital technologies are the powerful enablers for the rising of sharing economy. Sharing economy opens a new door for the whole world, however, there remains some obstinate problems and one significant issue is the fuzzy regulations. One news reported that NSW…show more content…
The fuzzy regulation’s promoting the development of sharing economy not only brings impressive benefits but also causes serious problems. 1.Impact on society Merits 1)Create further sustainable society. The fuzzy regulations provide a suitable growing environment for sharing economy performers such as Airbnb and Uber. The application of Uber takes full advantage of cars not only relieve the congestion but also cuts emissions, which benefits the sustainability of society. 2)Boost economy for some cities. One study found that 14% of Airbnb customer would not visit a city without Airbnb (Heinrichs, 2013). As Airbnb rental is cheaper than hotel services, people tend to travel with Airbnb, which also promote the tourism in these cities. Demerits 1)Hidden danger caused by fuzzy rules. There remain no clear rules to regulate the peer-to-peer business, which will cause great danger. If a car accident occurs to Uber driver, who should take the responsibility, the driver, the passenger, or Uber whereas Uber may just claim that it just is a communication platform for car-pooling service. Therefore, clear and corresponding rules should be applied to avoid such flaws. 2)Uncertain service quality. As the emerging of Airbnb and Uber, there are blurred boundaries between personal and professional services (Malhotra & Alstyne, 2014). To what extent, the service quality is affected. For instance, a noisy
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