The Basement Of Ivory Tower

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Have you ever had an extraordinary desire for something, only to have someone tell you it is out of your reach? Does that make you try harder, or completely give up? In Professor X’s essay, In the basement of Ivory Tower, (X) he goes into great detail stating how his students have the desire to maintain high academic standards in order to receive a promotion, to further their career, or because it is a job requirement. However, these same students cannot possibly pass their classes due to their lack of abilities. Initially, I found myself believing the author was hostile and unhappy in his career, although, the more I read this article I found myself shifting opinions, and I began to appreciate what a controversial topic college education truly is. Professor X discusses how some students are unfit for college. I believe that college isn’t for everyone. Furthermore, society has set expectations that everyone should attend college. As a society we have lost track of the value of apprentice programs. My whole life I have heard that college isn’t something you think about doing it is simply something everyone must do. I cannot help but believe that there are some very valid points to Professor X’s article, for example, when he states that some students are simply unfit for the academic level that college requires. The author states, “Everyone wants to triumph. But not everyone can-in fact, most can’t.” (X, par. 47) In other words, Professor X believes that some students
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