The Basic Building Block Of Carbohydrates

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History of Carbohydrates-
Carbohydrates are one of the macronutrients used in our diet and also protein-carbohydrate interactions are an essential component of cellular structure and function. Vegetables, food grains, fruits, many other dairy products naturally contain carbohydrates in various amounts. The basic building block of carbohydrates is a simple combination of carbon, hydrogen, oxygen. Any compound containing these three elements and having twice as many hydrogen atoms as carbon and oxygen are the chemical definition of the carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are called as the natural polymers. Natural polymers occur in the nature and they can be extracted. They are water based. Some examples of natural polymers are DNA cellulose and proteins. There is also another type of the polymers called as synthetic polymers those which are derived from the petroleum oils and they are made by the engineers. Some examples of the synthetic polymers are nylon, Teflon, polyester.

Humans when evolved used to eat only fruits and tubers year around. Fruits and tubers are consisted of safe starches and every one can consume them regularly and they become excellent part of their life’s. Then humans started to hunt animals for food. Many scientists believe that when humans started eating meat those which are high suppliers of the carbohydrates human’s brains become big. And then in 10,000 B.C agricultural revolution has begun in places like middle…
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