The Basic Characteristics Of Humanism During The Renaissance

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Some of the basic characteristics of Humanism especially during the beginning were that it mostly consisted and was centralized around Italy. The reading mentions that something that made Italy different from Europe was that their members were part of the clergy. Being part of the clergy defiantly have them an advantage in which they had some governmental and educational experience. Something else that the reading mentions is that humanism meant rhetoric and literature bases. In my opinion, this was really important because it focuses more attention on the importance of education, history, and literature. This was just a starting point of what education and the importance of it would eventually become. The beginning of humanism also bega the practicing of history, one in which people actually wrote in means of history actually writing for it. Humanitism increased in popularity and therefore inspired others to learn and do the same. Italians viewed this situation as a preparation for the public life. With this, not only people benefit but the whole society as a whole were benefited.
The classical value overall during the Renaissance was very impacting. I believe this because not only did the Humanism thinking and Humanists help somehow develop better ways of thinking. This not only opened new ways, but also better ways to think, act, and even create.The development of Humanism helped create interest in new and even some controversial ideas. Rhe reading mentions that the
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