The Basic Concepts Of Algebra

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Sam is a student in middle school who is having difficult in his algebra class. Sam is having a difficulty with the basic concepts of algebra. The possible strategies that may be used on Sams case are teaching vocabulary, concrete representational abstract method and graphic organization. The teaching vocabulary is very important when it comes to solving a problem in mathematics this is because a student must understand the content of the problem in order to solve. Not only knowing the content, but knowing the difference between the vocabulary. For example, knowing the difference between addition and subtraction. If a student does not know the different between both, the problem will be incorrect. A teacher must teach a student the vocabulary in their classroom. They should use the first 10 to 15 minutes reviewing any vocabulary that would be used that day. In addition, they should provide examples for each word. For example, if they are explaining a program they should define the words they are using to refresh the students who are lost and confuse during the lecture. The benefits of using this strategie with Sam is that every time Sam sits down in class he would be able to have his mind refreshed. A lot of students believe their student know the material, therefore, they continue teaching. However, if Sam has his mind refreshed every time he goes to class he has a opportunity to understand the material. Moreover, if the teacher explains the vocabulary with a problem, Sam
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