The Basic Concepts Of Excellence

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The EFQM model can be split into three different sectors, these areas help businesses evaluate and improve their performance; these are:
 The Fundamental Concepts of Excellence
 The EFQM Model Criteria
 The RADAR Logic

3.6. Fundamental Concepts
The notion of the Fundamental Concept of Excellence is to have a basic foundation which enables the organisation to achieve a sustainable level of excellence. Through the model; organisations are able to identify any problems that could potentially affect the relationships between the company operations and the objectives the business could potentially attain. The Fundamental concept has eight concepts; these concepts are as important as each other as they all help magnify any benefits that an organisation could achieve when integrated into its culture (EFQM, 2013).
The eight concepts are shown diagrammatic below:

Figure 1: The Fundamental Concepts of the EFQM Excellence Model (The Finnish National Board Of Education, 2016).

The eight Fundamental Concepts of Excellence (see appendix 3) which are formed from the foundation of the EFQM model criteria are: (EFQM, 2013)
Adding value for customers – Excellent businesses continuously add value towards their customers by understanding and fulfilling the needs of their consumers’ expectations and outlooks.
Creating a sustainable future – Excellent organisations have an optimistic influence towards what is around them; this tends to enhance their performance whilst
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